Wadi Rum Desert

imageimageimageimageimageimageWe arrive at Jordan tracks in wadi rum where we meet Ayeed our guide.
We board his 35-year-old jeep , that sounded like it was a 100 years old. We drive into the desert its unbelievable how many miles you can drive and see nothing , I’m sure glad he knows where he is going. Looking for the reminders like the gas station on the left and turn right at the mom and pops grocery store . All he has is turn left at that rock and then right at the next rock. He shows us some of his heritage of the Bedouin people,it was pretty cool. We then stop for lunch between two very large mountains, our lunch consisted of a small tomato and cucumber , pita bread , my all time favorite tuna in a can ( trying not to puke ) and some kind of twinkie and a juice box. It’s food we’re hungry so we eat it. Ok now for my first time !!!!I have to pee , this has probably got to be the worst experience I’ve ever had. I find this little spot way back between the mountains and I’m so scared I’m gonna pee on my shoes, so I decide to strip down buck naked , well almost, again the worst thing I’ve ever done and the last time I will ever do it !!
So we finish eating and sleepy, dopey , happy, sneezy and bashful play cards in the back of the jeep with all our coats strung up along the side to keep the sun from killing us. Even though it was hot we had alot of fun.
After about 1.5 hours we start driving and we come to an area and Ayeed says we can take a beautiful walk through a canyon or go around with him in the jeep. So I asked what was the terrain like as its either mountainous or sand up to my knees he says oh there’s a few steps , so I say ok so 6 of us go and Grumpy stays in the jeep cuz his knee is bothering him. Ok what Ayeed calls steps I would call small mountains. So here I am with no climbing harness but I do have bashful pulling me while sneezy was pushing me , me laughing so hard did not help the situation. We arrive to the other side and start downhill in the deep sand and finally arrive back at the jeep.
From there we head to Ayeed’s grandma who is a Bedouin , she is more than 75 years old and lives in the desert in a tent , she invites us in for tea, but her tent is full of flys so they enjoyed it more than I did , there was about 15 of them in there. So needless to say I only had a sip before they dove in. I wonder how she copes with peeing in the desert?
Before the final destination we head out to watch the sun set over the mountains , so here we go again , hike up to the top of the mountains to get this spectacular view but the climb was so worth it.
Finally we arrive at the campsite for the night , we enjoyed an evening of live arabic music , dancing and food. Then it’s time to hit the hay . We crawl into our tent and snuggle under the blankies for a good nite rest after a very long hot weary day .
The next day we wake up to a clear sunny day and head out of the desert for our trip to Madaba Jordan for the final days


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